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Wingify DevFest 2017

Last year, we had the first version of the Wingify DevFest with the aim of bringing developers under one-roof, where they could contribute by giving talks, workshops or by simply attending the event.

The theme for the first instance of DevFest was "Performance, reliability and security". Check out the highlights of the event below!

🖼 Photo Gallery

Some highlights of Wingify DevFest 2017 captured by us

🎙 Speakers of DevFest 2017

Deepak Pathania close up

Deepak Pathania

Software Engineer, AdPushup

Deepak Pathania introduced AMP, a project designed to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. The talk explained why a separate mobile optimisation strategy makes sense, how current solutions fare the checklist and why AMP could be useful.

"Performance Optimization for the mobile web"
Saurabh Shandilya close up

Saurabh Shandilya

Co-Founder, Iotify Inc.

In his talk, Saurabh Shandilya told us about the modern internet's infrastructure and the inherent problems with the current network. The talk further proceeded with the possible solutions, explaining what ToR is and how it comes into the picture as a useful tool for security and privacy in the modern internet.

"ToR 101"
Neha Sharma close up

Neha Sharma

UI Tech Lead, Toaster

We are in the world of small devices. Every developer is struggling to get the space in the user's device and performance does play a huge role in same. In this talk we saw how the web pages have the face of the industry and performance.

"Web apps and Performance"
Manish Gill close up

Manish Gill

Software Engineer, Wingify

This talk focussed on the lessons learned in trying to build vwo.com's analytics pipeline and scaling it to more than 20k requests per second, with highly consistent data guarantees using PostgreSQL and Kafka.

"Lessons in Scalability"